How can I help you?

Welcome to my Vancouver based, real estate website. As a European (Irish) person who moved to Canada in 2000 and having purchased and sold many properties here in Vancouver, I know that my experience and people skills would be very useful to somebody who is looking to move to Canada, or, to look for a “safe” investment for your hard earned Euros.

I have worked with quite a few European residents, Germans, English and Irish, predominantly, in the past and know that there are concerns about the future overall viability of the EU, especially since the Brexit vote in the UK. Now would be the time to begin investigations into purchasing property in Canada – a country with a good economy, well regulated banking system without the eccentricities of our neighbours to our south. In the long run, the Euro value will no doubt suffer as Brexit approaches and perhaps other EU member states voting to do what the UK did!

As you are probably aware, October 2016 saw the signing of the CETA, Canada/EU trade deal that will open up tariff free trading between both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Cheaper products from both sides will benefit migration.

Unlike our neighbours to the south, Canada is a “socially aware” country – free medical care for citizens and permanent residents, drug prices are government regulated, to name but a few of the benefits.

Though I am based in Vancouver, I am fully conversant in dealing in properties throughout British Columbia and have many excellent colleagues throughout Canada whom I can refer you to – most, experts in their own marketplaces.

If you are looking to speak with a Real Estate Advisor with a company that is as well known in Europe as Engel & Völkers, here in Canada, I would welcome your call, email, Skype/Facetime. You will find me knowledgeable, personable and above all, easy to work with.

I look forward to working with you soon.


Harry Kramm